Legal conditions and conditions of use


of Decibar spol. s r.o., Veleslavínova 14, Ústí nad Labem, 400 11 (hereinafter “Decibar”) regarding on line provision of free information materials.

I. General:

1.     Provision of information materials, namely the manual, construction drawings, operation manuals, databases, examples of use, technical data, animations, video recordings, texts and print/image materials (hereinafter “materials”) are always subject to the following conditions.
2.     The conditions of use are considered as accepted at the moment of delivery or download of the material at the latest and apply also to any future use.
3.     We do not assume any responsibility for any software or hardware errors, which arise during on line transfer of the materials or when working with our system.
4.     All information is provided without any kind of responsibility and warranty; they are indicative only and cannot be claimed in any way.
5.     Although we strive to maintain the contents of the website up to date, it can contain some incorrect information, errors or deviations, for which we cannot assume responsibility. Decibar spol. s r.o. does not assume any guarantees for the information provided.

II. Rights of use:

1.     The materials provided on line remains proprietary to Decibar or its author and are protected by copyright law.
2.     The user is granted a non exclusive right of use.
3.     Any own commercial use or use by third parties is prohibited unless it has been stipulated otherwise in writing. This namely applies to propagation over the Internet and to offering the materials for download on other sites.
4.     On the contrary, inclusion of links to Decibar's website on other websites is admissible.
5.     The provision of materials does not imply any right to completely or partially modify them or process them in any other way.
6.     In case of violation of the rules set above on the part of the user, it is the user who is responsible for compensation of any losses and obliged to relieve Decibar from any claims of third parties.
7.     If the user learns about the commercial use, unauthorized copying, modifications or other processing or unauthorized propagation of the materials, they are obliged to notify Decibar immediately.

III. Use of texts in the press:

1.     Regarding the text in the press, the user is responsible for the wording and, namely, for any violation of copyright law and personal protection law. In this respect, the user is obliged to relieve Decibar from any claims of third parties.
2.     In case the materials are used in relation to articles in the press, the materials always have to be clearly and unequivocally marked by the authorship note “Fotografie Decibar spol. s r.o.”.
3.     Upon any publication of the materials, it is mandatory to send to Decibar one copy; this shall be done free of charge and without previous requisition.

IV. Hyperlinks:

1.     Decibar’s website can contain hyperlinks to websites of third parties. The Decibar company does not assume any responsibility for the contents of those websites, nor does it appropriate those websites or their contents. Upon the first activation of external links, Decibar checked the external contents for any violations of the law. As of that moment, no violations were found. If any violation is found, these external links will be removed immediately.

V. Warranty, responsibility:

1.     Responsibility for possible factual and legal faults of the materials, namely for errors, correctness, protection rights and copyrights of third parties, completeness and/or usability of the materials is excluded. This does not apply if the errors were caused intentionally, by gross negligence or by deceit.
2.     Any claims of the user for compensation of damages for any legal reason, namely based on a violation of the contract, are excluded. This does not apply in case of intentional acts, gross negligence, non existence of the promised properties and according to the Act on Liability for Damages Caused by Faulty Products.
3.     Any responsibility for subsequent damages arising from a fault of the product is excluded between the parties.
4.     Prior to downloading the materials, the user shall ensure, for the purpose of their own protection and prevention of virus transfer to Decibar’s website, adequate safety measures and antivirus software.

VI. Final provisions:

1.     The exclusive pertinence of the court in case the ordering party is an entrepreneur under the Commercial Code, is Decibar's place of residence.
2.     Czech legislation applies.
3.     Decibar reserves the right to modify the currently provided materials at any time. Furthermore, Decibar reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions defined above, assuming the adequate time period is provided.